Franklin Proofing User Guide


Our online proofing portal gives you the power to review, annotate and provide feedback directly from your computer or mobile device through our website. Automated email updates will keep you and your team up to date on the status of your projects. Tracking multiple projects is simple thanks to our management dashboard. There is no need for any additional programs or anything extra to install.

Franklin Proofing was designed to make the review and approval process easy for you, but we rely on feedback from you to make the experience even better. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know. Our goal is to make viewing, checking, tracking and approving your projects as easy as possible.

Getting Started

As soon as our team completes your proof it goes into the portal and the process begins. You will receive an email letting you know when proofs are available for review.

To begin reviewing your proof click on the Review Proof link in the email you received. Use credentials provided by your project manager to securely log into the website. Upon logging in you'll see the proof landing page.

Sample Proof Created Email

Proof Landing Page

Proof Landing Page

Proof PDFs and data files, such as exposures and removals, can be viewed, downloaded, and approved or rejected. At the top of the page you will see the proof description, job number, and the overall status. Below that you will see the files associated with your proof along with the buttons to view or download the file and view revision history.

We encourage you to try our online PDF viewer which offers powerful annotation tools. Similarly, you can review all of your data proofing materials directly on the web.


Download Icon
Download File - Download the file directly to your computer or
mobile device.
View Button
View File - You will be directed to your proof file where you can approve or reject with annotations.
View Revision HIstory
View Revision History - You can view previous revisions with annotations.

View & Annotate PDF Proofs

To view a PDF proof, click the View button from the Proof Landing page or your Dashboard or the thumbnail on the Proof Landing page.

View PDF Proof

The view screen has several options for viewing your PDF proof along with adding annotations.

PDF Controls

PDF Controls

Change Page
Change Page - Use the right and left arrows to change the page. You can also type a valid page number and press enter to go directly to a specific page.
Rotate Page
Rotate Page - Use the right and left rotate arrows to change the page orientation.
Drag Page
Drag Page - Use the hand to drag the page around.
Zoom Page
Zoom In/Out - Use the magnify controls to zoom in and out of the page.
Fit Page
Fit Page/Fit Width - Changes the page view to fit page or fit width inside the window.

Annotating PDFs

Annotations ICon

Annotating PDFs can be done by clicking the annotations icon on the far right of the PDF controls.

To create an annotation on the page, select the color & icon and click anywhere on the page.

Viewing Annotations

Annotations Icon

You can view a list of annotations by clicking the chat bubble icon on the far left of the PDF controls.

View Data Proof

To view a data proof, click the View button from the Proof Landing page or your Dashboard or the thumbnail on the Proof Landing page.
Data proofs do not have annotation capabilities.

Approve/Reject Proof

You can approve or reject a proof from the view screen of any proof.
If the proof has been rejected by a required approver, you won't have the Approve or Reject options.

Approve Proof

To approve the proof click the Approve button at the top of the screen. You will receive the following prompt to confirm your approval.

Approve Proof

Error Message

You cannot approve a PDF proof if there is an annotation. You will receive the following error.

Approve Proof

Reject Proof

To reject the proof click the Reject button at the top of the page. If you did not add any annotations you will be required to give a rejection reason in the confirmation prompt. If you did add annotations you can still add additional information in the rejection comment.

Reject Proof

Proof Dashboard

The proofing dashboard allows you to view your jobs at a glance with a list of your current proofs, recent activity feed and revision history. You can access the dashboard at anytime by clicking the Back To Dashboard button on the top right or your screen or by clicking the clipboard icon on the left navigation.

Proof Activity

Proof activity allows you to see the most recent approvals and rejections relating to your jobs.

Reject Proof

Proof List

The left section of the proof dashboard lists your jobs along with their overall status. You can filter the list by time frame or status.

Proof Details

Each job contains a list of associated proofs that can be expanded by clicking the arrow to the left of the proof description. The expanded list shows the proof type and status along with the ability to view the proof or revision history.


View Button
View File - You will be directed to your proof file where you can approve or reject with annotations.
View Revision HIstory
View Revision History - You can view the revision history of the particular proof in the bottom right corner of your dashboard.

Revision History & Approvers

Additional details about revisions and approval statuses can be viewed in the revision history panel.

The revision history panel displays the job number, proof type and status. The revision history of the particular proof will appear in the table beneath the job information along with the status and the ability to view approvers or the proof.


View Button
View File - You will be directed to your proof file.
View Revision HIstory
View Read-Only - You will be directed to your proof file but you will NOT have the ability to make annotations - this option appears only when that revision has been approved or rejected.
View Revision HIstory
View Approvers - The view approvers button will display a pop-up window with approver status details regarding who is on the list of approvers, their status and job information.

Reject Proof

Approver Status

On the approver status pop-up you will see how many approvers have been assigned, how many are needed to consider the proof approved, file name, proof type, revision number, and the list of approvers. Each approver will have their own status. However, the proof cannot be accpeted until all required users and non-required users reach the number of approvals needed.